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Rediscover packaging - with MOLDED FIBER

At PAPACKS, this is our promise to you: Innovative, plastic-free packaging solutions based on renewable raw materials, developed and produced specifically for your requirements to protect your products.

With the use of innovative developments and natural materials, you have the opportunity to drastically reduce the consumption of single-use plastic while securing markets for the future and strengthening your brand for a plastic-free future.

Take advantage of our innovative technology, certified production and plant-based coating and application technologies. This provides you with solutions for packaging with high requirements, such as for food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, as well as for high-quality technical product packaging and robust packaging for transportation and logistics.

Discover how sustainable packaging solutions developed and produced for you from renewable raw materials not only protect the environment, but also strengthen your brand.

By using innovative, plastic-free materials made from renewable raw materials and coating technologies, we offer you the opportunity to take responsibility for your packaging and at the same time drastically reduce the consumption of single-use plastic.

With PAPACKS, you’re investing in a future where sustainability and responsibility go hand in hand.

Take your step towards a sustainable future in which responsibility for the environment and your product go hand in hand.



It´s clean · It´s smooth · It´s natural

Logistics Packaging

Perfectly protected with paper fiber: An environmentally friendly solution for replacing plastic and EPS molded parts or elaborate cardboard packaging.

Consumer Packaging

Replaces plastic blister packs, plastic inlays, complex cardboard constructions, foam and polystyrene inserts for product protection.

Food Packaging

Molded parts, containers, trays, cups and capsules made of primary fiber (food grade) with PAPACKS® Plant-Based-Coating (plastic-free barrier protection).

Nacho bowls for cinemas and events

Nacho trays made from renewable raw materials (FSC® certified) for cinemas and events. With optional cashback opportunity through an advertising sticker. Made in Germany.

Sustainable premium advent calendars

Personalized Advent calendars that make your brand shine. Your complete solution for the Advent season. Turn the Christmas season into a stage for your products - with customized, eco-friendly and eye-catching Advent calendars.

To-go boxes & bowls

Take-away, to-go packaging, berry and fruit bowls made from renewable raw materials.

Fiber Bottle - Paper bottle

The solution of the future for containers and bottles from a single cast. Plastic-free with PAPACKS® Plant-Based-Coating.


Refill CAPS made of paper fibers with PAPACKS® Plant-Based-Coating for barrier protection.

Cosmetic & medical packaging

Molded fiber parts for the cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical industries. Barrier through PAPACKS® Plant-Based-Coating.

PAPACKS joins the German Packaging Institute

Cologne, Germany – PAPACKS, a pioneer in the development and production of sustainable packaging solutions, is proud to announce that it has recently become a member of the German Packaging Institute (DVI). Through this partnership, PAPACKS strengthens its commitment to innovative and environmentally friendly packaging approaches.

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Tony Cragg and Papacks unveil art history – hemp instead of plastic

In their latest collaboration, world-renowned sculptor Sir Tony Cragg and Papacks, an innovative producer of sustainable packaging solutions, have created a product and artwork that combines art, touchability and ecological innovation. Tony Cragg’s “Self-Portrait – Passing Through” is a testament to his long-standing fascination with materials and their transformative power. With Papack’s support, a sculpture was created that not only reflects Cragg’s signature three-dimensional forms and textures, but also serves as a tangible, take-away work of art.

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Plastic-free packaging thanks to renewable raw materials - Made in Germany

To meet industrial requirements, we use modern production processes and solutions for the circular economy. It is time for a global change to make our actions as diverse as our nature.

We have optimized our image to reflect our values, integrity and mission. For us, diversity also means being in harmony with the diversity of nature and using it sustainably.

Be colorful and diverse with your products and use natural packaging for a way back to nature. It’s time to go beyond “green” and work together to create global change that can be implemented by everyone.

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