Sustainable packaging

Development and production of environmentally friendly packaging solutions without plastic
with Europe's most innovative production of molded fiber parts made from renewable raw materials

PAPACKS® takes care of plastic-free challenges for packaging and leads your company to more sustainability

Responsibility for packaging - Connected to nature

German packaging sustainability award
German Sustainability Award Design

Over 90% of the plastic that has ever been produced is not recycled and ends up in nature.

Sustainability seal

The seal of sustainability

100% recyclable | 100% controlled origin of the raw materials
100% compostable | Made in Germany
Guaranteed across Europe
As a company, we have a special responsibility for the preservation of global natural resources and the careful use of resources. We use natural resources and renewable raw materials and consider the entire value chain.
The mirror - green illusion? A new plastic donation!

We are proud to be able to close 2020 with this article in SPIEGEL.

In particular, we are pleased to have created capacities for new customers with the start of production in the new PAPACKS® GIGAFACTORY 2021 in Thuringia in 1 in order to pack more products in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner without plastic in the future.

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