3D Molded Fiber Tools

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The future in tool making

Our many years of experience in development and production, production technology and machinery for fiber cast molded parts enable us to combine the latest technology, 3D printing and its optimized further development to produce today's 3D FIBERTECH TOOLS.

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Advantages of know-how

  • Know-how in fiber casting machinery
    Tool making including 3D printing tool concepts
  • Machines and production experience
    For optimal use of 3D tools in practice
  • Construction support
    By skilled toolmakers and designers and 3D printing experts
  • Prototype construction / product development
    Simple and inexpensive prototype construction

Advantages of 3D tools

  • Enormous time savings
    Tool production within 12 hours instead of 10-12 weeks
  • Cost savings of up to 75%
    Reduction of the one-off investment costs for expensive molding tools
  • Energy efficient - CO2 neutral
    Easy handling, quick installation, easier and faster shipping in a package instead of on a pallet in the truck
  • Reuse / recyclable
    Return to the production granulate by shredders and reuse for new 3D tools

Classic fiber casting tool

Production approx. 10 weeks


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3D Molded Fiber Tools

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Manufacturing process

Molded parts with 3D FIBERTECH TOOLS

Production sites

Paper fiber molded parts for certified primary packaging for the food and medical / pharmaceutical industries. Certification according to the hygiene standards for packaging manufacturers of primary packaging according to ISO 9001 and other relevant management systems.

Capacity pa: + 180.000.000 pieces (2021)
+ 360.000.000 pieces (2022)


Arnstadt / Thuringia

Location for technical innovations, continuous further development of our 3D tool technology and raw material research for transfer to existing and new production locations.

Capacity pa: + 5.000.000 pcs.

PAPACKS® R&D Innovation Hub

Cologne / North Rhine-Westphalia

Production method: thermoforming

Capacity pa: + 50.000.000 pcs.