Tahsin Dag

Founder & CEO – inventor and founder of PAPACKS®
President of the European Moulded Pulp Producer Association (EMPPA)
CEO OF THE YEAR (European CEO Awards 2024)

A visionary and marketing expert who is always one step ahead of the market. He lives by the guiding principle:

“There is always a solution! Everything that is conceivable is also feasible.”

His professional career began in the beverage industry, where he held key positions at well-known companies. These experiences honed his management skills and fuelled his ambition to revolutionize the packaging industry. Tahsin’s goal has always been to create a world of packaging that eschews plastic and focuses on a harmony of functionality and design.

This led to the invention and patenting of the PAPACKS® tray system, an environmentally friendly solution for the transport and return of uniform containers. This was the beginning of numerous other pioneering inventions and developments for alternative raw materials, natural coatings, packaging and logistics solutions and the founding of today’s PAPACKS®.

In addition to his role at PAPACKS®, Tahsin has been President of the European Moulded Pulp Producer Association (EMPPA) since 2022. EMPPA plays a key role in representing the interests of companies along the value chain of molded fiber. This organization advocates for circular packaging products made from molded fiber with the aim of reducing dependence on tree-based resources.

Today, Tahsin Dag is not only a leader in his field, but also a trusted advisor on sustainability for companies and politicians across Europe. His extensive knowledge and foresight make him a visionary and marketing expert who is always ahead of market trends.

PAPACKS team and contact persons

Manuel Leibrock
Michael Marchuk
Managing Partner
Arno Neumann
Sustainability Manager (Circular Economy)
Guido Schmitz
Vice President of PAPACKS AMERICA INC.
Florian Barth
Head of R&D
Intha Philavong
Quality Control Expert
Ibrahim Dag
Plant Manager
Didier Stoppels
Plant Manager
Memet Dag
Plant Manager
Head of global robotics & technics
Andreas Schroers
CSO / Chief Sales Officer
Erik Korte
Manager Technical Services
Andreas Töns
Project Management & Head of Regulatory Affairs
Anthea Kemper
Project Manager
Eugen Fedorov
Country Manager Czech Republic
Stefan Lorenz
Head of Technical Design
Thomas Huppertz
Technical Designer
Sonja Janßen
Sales / Client Service
Vedat Ülbegi
Roberto Lopez
Social Media Manager
Sandra Dag
Office Manager
Claudia Nikel
Assistant Plant Manager
Romy Elle
QMB / Quality Manager
Ahmet Dag
Fiber Expert / Machine Operator
R&D Innovation Hub
Andreas Müller
Logistics & Warehouse Manager
Security Assistent
Luke Skywalker
Enterprise Security
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