Exclusive interview in World Finance Magazine with Tahsin Dag

A Visionary Leader in Sustainable Packaging

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Tahsin Dag, founder and CEO of PAPACKS and President of the European Moulded Pulp Producers Association (EMPPA), gave an exclusive interview to World Finance Magazine. With his innovative approach and commitment to sustainability, he is setting new standards in the packaging industry.

In the interview, Tahsin Dag discusses the future of sustainable packaging and emphasizes PAPACKS’ dedication to developing environmentally friendly solutions that reduce environmental impact. His visionary leadership is transforming the industry, positioning PAPACKS as a pioneer in raw materials, packaging, and sustainability.

Highlights from the Interview:

  • Innovative Solutions: Tahsin Dag explains the groundbreaking technologies and materials PAPACKS uses to manufacture sustainable packaging.
  • Sustainability Goals: Insights into PAPACKS’ ambitious sustainability goals and their implementation strategies.
  • Industry Leadership: Tahsin Dag’s perspectives on the development of the packaging industry and the importance of adopting sustainable practices as a role model.

Read the full interview in World Finance Magazine here.

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