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reports about Tahsin Dag's success story

Well packed with hemp

trade journal Tahsin Dag

Tahsin Dag poses with his company Papacks sustainable packaging for industry and trade. What began ten years ago in a garage has now become a success story. A visit to the future of the packaging industry at the company headquarters in Cologne.

The journey of Founder & CEO began 10 years ago Tahsin Dag as a pioneer of the packaging world in a garage. Well-known large corporations such as Keurig Dr. Pepper, Melitta or Coty among his customers. 

Sustainable packaging – What was ridiculed as a niche market back then is now one of the decisive criteria for consumers and companies. Because according to a study by the consulting company EY, the immense waste of plastic is what causes consumers the greatest concern (Ernst & Young GmbH 2021). 

"Many in the industry are conservative" and "the whole packaging and recycling industry doesn't want innovators" (Handelsblatt, 2022, p. 27). Despite the headwind Tahsin Dag undeterred and is now one of the leading drivers for fiber-based packaging made of hemp and cellulose. at the same time Tahsin Dag numerous companies and politicians from all over Europe as consultants on sustainability issues and the circular economy.

trade journal Tahsin Dag
trade journal Tahsin Dag
trade journal Tahsin Dag
trade journal Tahsin Dag

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PAPACKS GIGAFACTORY 1 and 2 in Arnstadt / Thuringia
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PAPACKS® is Europe's most innovative producer of plastic-free and sustainable packaging solutions made from rapidly renewable raw materials to avoid single-use plastic.

PAPACKS® offers a unique product and solution portfolio that enables its customers to make the transition to sustainable packaging. This allows companies to take responsibility for their packaging.

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