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Hidden Champions in Thuringia

PAPACKS® is awarded Thuringia's world market and technology leader

In the course of an extensive evaluation of Thuringia's economy, almost 90 companies across all sectors were identified that are world leaders in their respective sectors.

PAPACKS® received the honor as "Thuringian world market and technology leader" by the Minister for Economy, Science and Digital Society, Wolfgang Tiefensee, as well as the managing director of LEG, Andrew Krey, at the 1st Thuringian ChampionsMeet.

fltr: Wolfgang Tiefensee (Minister for Economy, Science and Digital Society), Memet Dag (Deputy Plant Manager, PAPACKS® GIGAFACTORY Arnstadt), Andreas Krey (Managing Director of LEG)

PAPACKS® GigaFactory: Sustainable packaging from Arnstadt for an environmentally friendly future

The PAPACKS® GigaFactory 1+2 in Arnstadt is the heart of the sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions from PAPACKS®. This is where high-quality fiber cast molded parts are created for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as technical industrial products in the non-food sector.

The first production line has been successfully in operation since 2021 and produces over 180 million molded fiber parts per year. With the commissioning of the PAPACKS® GigaFactory 2 in spring 2023, the capacity at the Thuringia site was doubled and additional innovations and production technologies were introduced.

The PAPACKS® GigaFactory is not only used for production, but is also a place for exchange, research, development and innovation. Experts from various sectors come together in regular workshops and conferences to develop sustainable solutions for the future. Through the expansion, the PAPACKS® GigaFactory makes a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste and conserving resources. This makes it not only an important economic project, but also a pioneer for responsible and forward-looking industry.

(Photos: Juliane Keith / WIRTSCHAFTSSPIEGEL & WiYou.de | FVT Fachverlag Thüringen UG)
About LEG Thuringia

Landesentwicklungsgesellschaft Thüringen mbH (LEG Thüringen) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Free State of Thuringia. She supports the Thuringian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Founded in 1992, today it takes on tasks in the areas of real estate management, location development, economic development and broadband expansion. LEG Thüringen has its headquarters in Erfurt and is active throughout Thuringia.


PAPACKS packaging

PAPACKS is one of Europe's most innovative producers of plastic-free and sustainable packaging solutions made from rapidly renewable raw materials to avoid single-use plastic. We use sustainable raw materials for fiber forms, which can be combined with organic coatings developed by us and our coating technology to obtain required barriers. These sustainable packaging solutions can be used in modern recycling concepts.

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