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Plastic Waste Free World

Conference & Expo Europe

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Feedback on the fair from Tahsin Dag (Founder/CEO PAPACKS🇧🇷)

The well-established Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo Europe ended with many new visitors interested in our diverse, plastic-free packaging solutions.

We offer solutions for almost all areas, completely without plastic, such as transport and product packaging, food packaging as well as cosmetics and pharmaceutical packaging.

Fiber Bottles, the PAPACKS® Organic Coating for barrier properties, as well as IMG Injection Molded Granules as plastic-free injection molding granules, which we produce together with periplast GmbH All innovations and advances for a plastic-free packaging world were available to visitors to answer any questions they had.

Small snacks in our food packaging such as nachos in our nacho bowls and delicious organic ice cream from The Organic Jersey Farm were available to all interested visitors.

Also visiting were our colleagues from New York PAPACKS® AMERICA, in order to be available for the numerous international visitors with our location there.


Guido Schmitz from PAPACKS® AMERICA Inc.

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Plastic Waste Free World Conference & Expo Europe
About the Plastic Waste Free World Europe Conference & Expo

The Plastic Waste Free World Europe has established itself as the world's most talked about and attended plastic waste prevention event, having attracted some of the world's biggest brands and most respected sustainability experts when it debuted. This executive conference and expo focused on how international companies across a wide range of industries are reducing their use of fossil fuel-based plastics, phasing out single-use plastic, designing and manufacturing more sustainable bio-based products and packaging solutions, adopting circular business models and ultimately can help solve the global plastic debt crisis. 

More than 130 international speakers and over 500 delegates will gather here to debate and discuss the latest business models, strategies, material innovations, future regulations, manufacturing technologies, bio-based solutions and the latest next-generation technologies to set future plastic waste targets and to develop highly sustainable products that are accepted by rapidly evolving consumer demands.

PAPACKS® is Europe's most innovative producer of plastic-free and sustainable packaging solutions made from rapidly renewable raw materials to avoid single-use plastic.

PAPACKS® offers a unique product and solution portfolio that enables its customers to make the transition to sustainable packaging. This allows companies to take responsibility for their packaging.

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