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POPAI DA-CH Awards 2023

The nominees have been determined

In 2023, the POPAI DA-CH Awards are already in their 13th round. This year, there are again 15 categories to choose from for the POPAI DA-CH Award, which reflect the entire spectrum of activities at the point of sale. They range from POS materials to complex sales promotion campaigns, visual merchandising, digital technologies and the "Data Driven Retail" category that was added last year. Here the collection and use of data is rewarded.

After an exciting jury meeting with interesting and lively discussions, the nominated submissions have now been determined.

PAPACKS® was again nominated for two of its submissions this year.

The award ceremony will take place at this year's gala after the Euroshop trade fair. We will report.

Tablet blister made of fiberglass

Cosmetic, medical & pharmaceutical products Fiber molded parts for the cosmetics, medical and pharmaceutical industries in combination with PAPACKS® Organic Coating for abrasion and product protection.
Our tablet blister consists of renewable fiber raw materials, which means that it is more environmentally friendly and resource-saving than plastic blisters, as no fossil raw materials are used. Especially since the greenhouse gas emissions from the extraction and processing of fossil raw materials are eliminated.

Nacho bowls for cinemas and events

Fresh fiber nacho bowls for cinemas and events. Plastic-free, FSC® certified and with an optional cashback option. Produced in Germany.
The Blockbuster Nacho Bowl is made of fiber cast, which is made from renewable raw materials or food-grade and FSC®-certified fresh fibers. In this way, we rely on the responsible use of our raw materials and avoid the use of plastics in order to do justice to the issue of sustainability.

For more than five decades, companies and service providers have been honored with the "POPAI Award" for outstanding POS activities. The competition, which is advertised once a year, is currently held in over 14 countries and regions. In addition to the USA, Australia and New Zealand, these include above all France - here the "POPAI Award" has the greatest importance and radiance in a global comparison - Great Britain and Germany, several countries in Southern and Eastern Europe, but also South Africa, India, Russia and brand new China.


PAPACKS packaging

PAPACKS is one of Europe's most innovative producers of plastic-free and sustainable packaging solutions made from rapidly renewable raw materials to avoid single-use plastic. We use sustainable raw materials for fiber forms, which can be combined with organic coatings developed by us and our coating technology to obtain required barriers. These sustainable packaging solutions can be used in modern recycling concepts.

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