The Beauty Loop

Refill Caps für Kosmetik

Overall concept for cosmetic products

Beauty without Plastic!

As a company, you are currently looking for a sustainable solution to conserve resources, present innovations and combine the most sought-after topic of sustainability with your products in the best possible way. Due to the increasing number of sustainably acting and attentive customers, you would like to expand your existing market share with your products and be a pioneer in your industry when it comes to sustainability. Products and complete packaging made from alternative raw materials often cannot meet your requirements for look and feel in the cosmetics sector and are ruled out.
PAPACKS® is taking a new approach to this with Cirular Economy, which meets all the challenges for sustainable and reliable packaging solutions.

Winner of the most prestigious global packaging award program of the World Packaging Organization – WORLDSTAR FOR PACKAGING

The PAPACKS® REFILL CAPS were honored in the categories: Health and Personal Care and Packaging Materials and Components.

The World Packaging Organization (WPO) is a non-profit, non-governmental, international association of packaging institutes, associations, federations and other interested parties, including companies and trade associations. Its mission is: “Better quality of life through better packaging for more people”. The WPO has 66 different member countries.

Sustainable customer loyalty

Reusable refill jar

Premium look & feel

Unchanged product presentation

Refill packs

Savings on packaging materials and logistics costs

Refill CAPS for cosmetics

The future for cosmetic cream jars and container packaging
  • Refill caps raw material
    Renewable fiber
    Food compliant
  • Refill Caps Barrier
    PAPACKS® Organic Coating
  • Refill Caps Color
    white / cream
  • Sealing paper
    Suitable for heat-sealing processes
  • Imprint
    Possible on sealing paper

Beauty Loop Concept

Sell your product and save on packaging!

Your customers choose a high-quality cream jar with a refill option.
They buy this once as required at the corresponding price with a refill cap.


After inserting the refill cap, you use the cream jar in the same way as previous cream jars.
Nothing changes for your customers in terms of the convenience of using your products, everything retains the same perfection as before.


Once the refill caps have been used up, your customers buy corresponding refill caps with your product content.
You and your customers save unnecessary packaging with refill packs.


Your turnover and profit margin increase because you are mainly selling your high-quality product.
You avoid disposable/disposable cream jar constellations with higher production costs and no customer loyalty with a lot of waste.


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We maintain honest and long-term, goal-oriented partnerships with our customers!

This is how we achieve great results together!

Plastic-free packaging thanks to renewable raw materials - Made in Germany

To meet industrial requirements, we use modern production processes and solutions for the circular economy. It is time for a global change to make our actions as diverse as our nature does.

We have optimized our image to reflect our values, integrity and mission. For us, diversity also means being in harmony with the diversity of nature and using it sustainably.

Be colorful and diverse with your products and use natural packaging for a way back to nature. It’s time to go beyond ‘green’ and work together to create global change that can be implemented by everyone.

Customers who trust innovative packaging solutions

You too can use packaging made from renewable raw materials for an environmentally friendly future!

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