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from renewable raw materials

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Transport trays and load carriers

Molded fiber parts made from natural fibers

Replaces EPS, plastic, plastic trays and time-consuming cardboard construction for delivery, logistics and transport protection.

Pulp inlays, molded inserts

High quality product inlays made from natural fibers

Replaces plastic blisters, plastic inlays, complex cardboard constructions, foam and styrofoam inserts for product protection.

Sustainable advent calendar

Be fantastic without plastic

Individual and sustainable advent calendar complete solution - everything from a single source. Sustainable sales booster for Christmas without plastic.

Primary food packaging

Barrier and sealable with PAPACKS® Organic Coating

Replaces plastic food containers, bowls, cups and capsules. With or without a barrier made of primary fiber (food grade) and sealable paper closures.

To-go boxes and trays

100% plastic-free for direct food contact

Replaces food containers, boxes and trays made of plastic or styrofoam. With or without a barrier made of primary fiber (food grade).

dough proofing basket

Made from natural fibers for an optimal fermentation process and a crispy bread experience

Sustainable proofing basket as a bread baking kit or do-it-yourself accessory for bread dough mixtures

Nacho trays

for cinemas and events
Fresh fiber nacho bowls for cinemas and events. Plastic-free, FSC® certified and with an optional cashback option. Produced in Germany.

Natural CAPS

Containers for food & non-food products

Natural CAPS are the replacement for all plastic containers, sleeves, cups and pouch packaging for food and non-food products.

Refill CAPS & JARS cosmetics

Overall concept for cosmetic products

Refill CAPS for numerous cosmetic products as an overall concept through reusable jars and long-term, sustainable customer loyalty. Great savings potential in logistics and CO2 emissions.

Paper bottle / fiber bottle

Bottle made of natural fibers from a single source

Paper bottle / molded fiber bottle FOODSAFE + PAPACKS® Natural Coating for barrier protection, sealable coating

Pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic packaging

Fat & moisture barrier with PAPACKS® Organic Coating

Fiber forms FOODSAFE + PAPACKS® Organic Coating for barrier protection, sealable coating and sealing paper

Refined fiber shapes for interior design

Design elements for decoration and interior decoration

Can be used as insulation, soundproofing or design element

PAPACKS® IMG - Injection Molded Granules

Thermoplastic injection-moldable granules made from natural fibers

Injection molding granules of 100% organic composition, suitable for use in standard injection molding machines, recyclable and compostable

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