Sustainable Premium

Advent Calendar

A sales booster with your products, sustainable and including individual design.

Our sustainable advent calendars are the perfect choice for environmentally conscious companies and their customers.

Instead of being loaded with plastic and unnecessary packaging, our advent calendars are made with environmentally friendly materials and are plastic-free from renewable raw materials.

With your individually designed design and print motif, of course. 

In addition, our fiber cast inlay offers the option of using it as a plant bed in spring.

Sustainable advent calendar with paper fiber insert and 24 products

Get 24 days permanent presence with your customers with your products

  • The complete solution for your sustainable advent calendar
    Personalized print motif, sustainable molded fiber inlay and shipping carton
  • Ideal sales booster for the Christmas season
    Sell ​​24 products in an attractive set
  • Time-saving and easy assembly
    With the time-saving and sustainable fiber cast inlays, you can place 24 products in your advent calendar in no time at all.
  • Made from renewable raw materials, completely plastic-free
    Made from renewable raw materials and completely plastic-free. FSC® certified (FSC® C125098) for responsible forest management.
  • Plant bed in spring
    Surprise your customers with flower seeds in the calendar for planting. The inlay can be reused as a plant bed. Create a sustainable product that will bring joy beyond the Christmas season.

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Sustainable advent calendars are a sign of environmental awareness

Get current prices of our premium calendars and arrange a personal consultation with an expert to answer all your questions.

Premium advent calendar as a sales booster set

Unleash the potential of your products with advent calendars as an exclusive product set for Christmas

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It's that easy to get your individual advent calendar

Inspire your customers with sustainable premium advent calendars and offer an unforgettable product experience!

Discover our premium advent calendars as sales boosters for Christmas, which are designed to optimally present your products and increase your sales during the festive season.

With your 24 carefully selected products in a set, you offer the perfect opportunity to inspire your customers. Use the magic of the Christmas season and benefit from a possible sales increase by selling 24-piece product sets.

Don't miss the chance to take your business to the next level and maximize your holiday sales.

"The show with the mouse" explains our sustainable advent calendars

The mouse shows one of the PAPACKS® pulp production with sustainable advent calendars.

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A television production by ARD / Das Erste® and WDR® for "Die Sendung mit der Maus"

Advent calendar variants

Save tool costs and use our standards with your individual print motif
  • Fiber form inlay
    Virgin fiber
    Premium Quality
  • Cardboard box with 24 perforated doors
    High-quality, stable cardboard printed with your motif in offset
  • Individual print motif
    Completely individually printed
    Offset printing / 4 colors
  • Minimum order quantity from 1.000 pieces.
    with our standard formats
    without tool costs

Advent calendar S

From renewable raw materials

High-quality cardboard (GZ quality)
Calendar format: approx. 406 x 305 x 35 mm

1 x
Fiber molded inlays with 24 inserts
Compartment size: approx. 70 x 40 x 30 mm
Fresh Fiber/Foodsafe/Premium Quality
Minimum order quantity: 1.000 pieces.

Advent calendar M

From renewable raw materials

High-quality cardboard (GZ quality)
Calendar format: approx. 405 x 300 x 55 mm

1 x Fiber molded inlays with 24 inserts
Compartment size: approx. ø 50 x 45 mm
Fresh Fiber/Foodsafe/Premium Quality
Minimum order quantity: 1.000 pieces.

Advent calendar L

From renewable raw materials

High-quality cardboard (GZ quality)
Calendar format: approx. 379 x 369 x 70 mm

1 x 
Fiber molded inlays with 24 inserts
Compartment size: approx. 100 x 35 x 65 mm
Fresh Fiber/Foodsafe/Premium Quality
Minimum order quantity: 1.000 pieces.

Advent calendar XL

From renewable raw materials

High-quality cardboard (GZ quality)
Calendar format: approx. 442 x 288 x 152 mm

2 x fiber molded inlays with 12 inserts
Compartment size: approx. 150 x 55 x 70 mm + 80 x 55 x 70 mm
Fresh Fiber/Foodsafe/Premium Quality
Minimum order quantity: 1.000 pieces.

Individual advent calendar

Unique and exactly fitting for your products
From renewable raw materials

High-quality cardboard (GZ quality)
Calendar format as desired

Formed fiber inlay with individual 24 hollows
Shape and compartment size individually as desired
Fresh Fiber/Foodsafe/Premium Quality

Minimum order quantity: from 10.000 pieces.
plus one-time tool costs 

The PAPACKS® Advent calendar is gold winner at the POPAI DA-CH Awards 2022

The sustainable ones PAPACKS® advent calendars convinced the jury in the "Food, Everyday Items and Confectionery Product Packaging" category.

For more than five decades, companies have been honored with the POPAI Award for innovative packaging concepts and outstanding POS activities - PAPACKS® is proud to have been a part of this for five years in a row.

The inlay can be reused as a plant bed

Surprise your customers with flower seeds in the calendar to continue using the insert as a plant bed in spring.

Fiber cast inlay

Plastic-free inlay made from renewable raw materials in premium quality.

calendar box

High-quality stable cardboard with your printed image, individually designed.

Additional added value

Second use for your customers as a plant bed.

Be fantastic without plastic

Santa is watching you...

single use plastic/plastic

Today a "no go" for advent calendar inlays, environmentally harmful and bad image as well as mostly cheap appearance of the advent calendar due to plastic crackling.

Plastic inlays are often non-biodegradable and can remain in the environment for decades, causing pollution of ecosystems and endangering wildlife.

The use of plastic inlays in advent calendars contradicts the goal of a sustainable economy and environmentally conscious action.

The use of plastic inlays in advent calendars can create a negative image of the company among customers, as plastic packaging is increasingly perceived as a symbol of pollution and sustainability issues.

Waste paper/recycled paper

Not approved for food.
Hygiene: In some cases, waste paper may contain dust, dirt, or other contaminants that may cause hygiene concerns when used in the advent calendar.

This is particularly relevant if the advent calendar contains food or cosmetic products.

Odor: Recycled or waste paper can have unpleasant odors. These odors can be transferred to the products contained in the advent calendar (migration) and thus have a negative impact on the customer experience.

Fresh fibre/premium

Suitable for food, high-quality optics, raw material can be recycled in waste paper, odorless, white

Fresh fiber material is a renewable raw material that is obtained from various types of trees such as spruce, pine or fir. It is wood that has not yet been recycled or reused and comes straight from the forest.

Another important aspect of virgin fiber material is that, as a renewable resource, it is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to non-renewable resources such as petroleum or minerals. The cultivation of trees used for the production of fresh fiber material helps reduce greenhouse gases and promotes biodiversity by preserving habitats for animals and plants.

The next steps to your advent calendar

Send us your request and you will immediately receive all the detailed information about our advent calendars.
Choose the desired calendar variant that is suitable for your products and the desired quantity. Would you like an individual shape for your calendar? Feel free to contact us directly!
Send us your order and we determine the possible delivery date for you. You will then receive the necessary print templates to design your print motif on the calendar box. You're welcome to PAPACKS® Use the sustainability note on the calendar box. You send us your print motif by e-mail or data transfer and after checking you will receive a digital proof for final approval.
After your approval, we print your advent calendar with your print motif, produce the matching fiber cast inlays and deliver both to the agreed delivery address. You fill the inlays with your products and place them in the erected calendar box. On request, our partners will help you with the packaging and shipping of your advent calendar.
Secure online shipping? Order our matching shipping boxes directly with it!
We deliver to your desired delivery address after agreeing on the delivery date.

Advent Calendar


Will I receive the calendar with or without an assortment?

You can either purchase the molded fiber inlays and the outer boxes printed with your motif from us and put your own products in the calendar, or have them made up by us as a complete service, or we can help you to create a suitable range together with our partners.

Are there any other shaped inserts?

We currently have the shapes shown here as standard, so there are no tool costs for you. If you have runs of 10.000 or more, your own shapes are also possible, please contact us.

Do you also assemble my products in the advent calendar?

Yes, we are happy to offer this as a service. Just talk to us and we will make you an individual offer.

Matching shipping boxes for online shops

We are happy to offer you the right shipping boxes for your parcel delivery from a single source for our Advent calendars.

Plant bed as a time benefit! Where can I get the flower seeds from?

We are happy to offer you suitable flower seeds for further use of the advent calendar as a plant bed. The matching paper bag for the seeds can be individually printed with your motif on request.

Do you have more questions?

Please contact us at: and arrange a phone call, video call or personal conversation.

What are advent calendars?

Advent calendars are a traditional and charming way of celebrating the holiday season and counting down the days until Christmas. Typically, an advent calendar begins on December 1st and ends on December 24th. Behind each of the 24 doors or compartments there is a little surprise that is revealed every day in December until Christmas Eve.

The origins of the Advent calendar date back to the 19th century when Christian families in Germany used simple methods to count the days of Advent. Today, advent calendars have a firm place in many countries and cultures and come in a wide variety of designs and styles.

Advent calendars are a charming tradition for celebrating the holiday season and counting down to Christmas. They are available in a variety of variants, such as chocolate advent calendars, advent calendars for children, advent calendars for men and women or beauty advent calendars. You can even make a DIY advent calendar yourself or design a personalized advent calendar to make the gift even more individual.

Tea advent calendars and Christmas advent calendars with sweepstakes are other creative options to shorten the wait until the holiday season. Whether labeled as a Christmas calendar, Xmas calendar, countdown calendar, or holiday calendar, they all serve as a 24-day calendar that brings joy and a festive spirit to the Advent season.

A surprise calendar can be made of different materials such as paper, cardboard, fabric or wood and is often lovingly designed. Gift calendars, also known as candy calendars, are perfect for those with a sweet tooth and feature a variety of treats. A gift box with 24 compartments is an excellent alternative to add small tokens of appreciation or messages, making the calendar even more personal.

With an advent calendar, whether as a waiting time shortener or as a gift idea, you can give your loved ones a special treat in the run-up to Christmas. Discover the variety of advent calendars and find the perfect calendar for you and your family.

An advent calendar can be used for many different product categories

Here are some examples of items that sell well in an advent calendar:

Sweets: Chocolate, candy, cookies and other sweets are very popular in advent calendars for children and adults. 

Tea: Different teas for every day to create a cozy atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas.

Spices: A selection of spices or spice blends that inspire customers to create new dishes.

Jewellery: Small pieces of jewelery such as rings, earrings or pendants that are ideal as daily surprises.

Toy: Miniature toys or figurines that bring joy every day and can complete a collection.

Craft supplies: Materials and instructions for small DIY projects that encourage customers' creativity.

Stationery: Pens, notepads, stickers or any other office item that is useful and appealing.

Socks: A pair of everyday socks to celebrate the run-up to Christmas with cozy and colorful designs.

Accessories: Advent calendars with small accessories such as hair clips or gloves are popular with children and adults.

cosmetic products: Advent calendars with cosmetic products such as lipsticks, nail polish, creams and perfumes are particularly popular with women.

Wellness products: Bath additives, scented candles, massage oils or relaxation items for contemplative moments in Advent.

Coffee: Different coffee types or blends for coffee lovers to start every morning with a new taste.

snacks: A selection of healthy snacks or nibbles to add variety to your daily diet.

Tools: A selection for the DIY enthusiast looking for small tools, bit sets or craft supplies.

Beer, Wine or Spirits: Small bottles or sample sizes of beer or wine for moments of pleasure during the Advent season.
Photography: Photography accessories such as lenses, filters or camera gadgets for photo enthusiasts.

Fitness: Supplements and dietary supplements, product samples, fitness accessories such as resistance bands, massage balls or small training devices for sporty customers.

surprise products: Advent calendars with various surprise products such as gadgets, gift ideas or lifestyle products are popular with a wide target group because they provide variety and excitement.

Example with pasta and sauces as an advent calendar

Plastic-free packaging from renewable raw materials — Made in Germany

In order to meet industrial requirements, we use modern production processes and solutions for the circular economy. It is time for a global change to make our actions as diverse as our nature does.

We have optimized our appearance for our values, integrity and our mission. For us, diversity also means being in harmony with the diversity of nature and using it sustainably.

Be colorful and diverse with your products and use natural packaging for a way back to nature. It is time to go beyond just the “green” and collectively create global change that can be implemented by all.

Customers who trust innovative packaging solutions

You too can use packaging made from renewable raw materials for an environmentally friendly future!

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