Sustainable advent calendar

Secure your sustainable Advent calendar for Christmas 2021

Be Fantastic without Plastic

Santa is watching you ...

PAPACKS® Natural Molded Fiber

Environmentally friendly, recyclable in waste paper, compostable in home compost, use of renewable raw materials, low packaging taxes, no plastic tax

100% renewable raw materials

0% fossil raw materials, 100% plastic-free

4x lower packaging licensing

Opposite plastic tray of the same shape (source: www. licenseero.de)

No additional plastic tax

Additional levy of € 0,80 per kilogram of unrecycled plastic waste

Customer satisfaction through sustainability

Proven more customer satisfaction through sustainable packaging

4x lower CO2 emissions

4x lower CO2 emissions for plastic per tray

6 weeks of composting

for complete composting

10 times more dimensional stability

Application of force up to deformation

100% recycling in waste paper

Recycling for reuse or composting

The program with the mouse

PAPACKS® fiber casting Production of sustainable advent calendars
A television production by ARD / Das Erste® and WDR® for "Die Sendung mit der Maus"

Sustainably compostable with a secondary use

Inlay / insert

Plastic-free inlay made from renewable raw materials, individually adapted to your products or with our standard shapes.

Outer box

Environmentally friendly cardboard boxes with high quality imprint with your print image, individually designed. Customized with your products from a single source on request.


Second use for your customers, use as a plant bed or completely recyclable in waste paper or compostable in home compost. On request, including flower seeds.

Benefits at a glance

  • Your company is the focus of the customer for 24 days
    If you present yourself in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way, you will become a pioneer
  • Environmentally friendly = child friendly
    "Friday for future" shows adults how to do it, show responsibility and use alternative and sustainable packaging solutions
  • Complete solution for your Christmas presents
    Everything from a single source - individual print motif including product range and direct shipping
  • Second use in spring as a compostable plant bed
    Calendar with assortment contents including "flower seeds"
  • Create a happy new year of cooperation, inspire your customers at the end of the year
  • Sustainable calendar packaging without plastic!
    Made from renewable raw materials. The entire calendar packaging can be recycled in the waste paper and compostable in the home compost
Orders can be placed until the end of April 2021 at the latest, depending on availability

Standard formats and inlays

Save tool costs and use our standards
  • Fiber form inlay
    Recycled fiber / FSC® certified
  • Cardboard box with 24 perforated doors
    High quality cardboard with recycled content
  • imprint
    Individual print motif / 4 colors
  • Minimum order quantity: 250 pieces.
    with our standard formats

Standard calendar XL

100% plasticfree

desk Calendar
Calendar format: approx. 454x289x152 mm

2 x paper fiber inserts with 12 inserts
Compartment size: approx. 150x55x70 mm + 80x55x70 mm
Recycled fiber / FSC® certified
Minimum order quantity: 250 pieces.

Standard calendar L

100% plasticfree

Desk / wall calendar
Calendar format: approx. 378x366x67 mm

1 x paper fiber insert with 24 inserts
Compartment size: approx. 100x35x65 mm
Recycled fiber / FSC® certified
Minimum order quantity: 250 pieces.

Standard calendar M

100% plasticfree

Desk / wall calendar
Calendar format: approx. 395x295x50 mm

1 x paper fiber insert with 24 inserts
Compartment size: approx. Ø 50 × 45 mm
Recycled fiber / FSC® certified
Minimum order quantity: 250 pieces.

Individual calendar

100% plasticfree

Desk / wall calendar
Calendar format as desired

1 x paper fiber insert with 24 inserts
Compartment size as desired
Recycled fiber / FSC® certified
Minimum order quantity: from 10.000 pieces.

the next steps

Select the variant of the desired advent calendar
(Small / Medium / Large) Individual shape? Contact us!
On request, we can offer the complete package with the content of the range or we can assemble your own products and deliver the finished Advent calendar. Otherwise you will receive the outer box and inlays for your own further processing. Just as you wish.
Specify the desired number of items and delivery details
Complete delivery or individual delivery address list
After your order you will receive our order confirmation and all the necessary templates for your individual print motif. (Use of the PAPACKS® sustainability seal)
You send us your individual print motif, we deliver to the desired delivery address on the requested date
Send us your request for sustainable advent calendars now
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Advent Calendar


Can I get the calendar without an assortment?

Yes, you can also purchase just the paper inserts and printed outer boxes from us and put your own products in the calendar or have them assembled by us as a full service.

Are there any other shaped inserts?

We currently have the shapes shown here as standard, so there are no tool costs for you. If you have runs of 50.000 or more, your own shapes are also possible, please contact us.

Do you also assemble my products in the standard calendars?

Yes, we are happy to offer this as a service. Just talk to us and we will make you an individual offer.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions about your order, please contact us at: kalender@papacks.com

Optionally with delicious content or your own products

Here you will find a small excerpt from possible contents. We would be happy to speak to you personally about your individual content requirements or the packaging of your own products.

Structure of our advent calendars

Sustainability Seal.png

The seal of sustainability

100% recyclable | 100% controlled origin of the raw materials
100% compostable | Made in Germany
Guaranteed across Europe
As a company, we have a special responsibility for the preservation of global natural resources and the careful use of resources. We use natural resources and renewable raw materials and consider the entire value chain.

Customers who trust our sustainable packaging solutions

You too can invest in sustainable packaging for an environmentally friendly future!

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