Nacho trays

For cinemas and events

Nacho bowls made from renewable raw materials, produced in Germany.

Offer your customers an eco-friendly snacking experience

With the Blockbuster Nacho bowl, as a cinema operator, you enable your cinema-goers to "participate" in your cinema as well, avoiding plastic.

More and more consumers value sustainably packaged products (1). A political ban on single-use plastic packaging is becoming more likely due to the climate crisis. It is up to you as the operator to show responsibility for a sustainable solution to reduce your plastic waste!

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Check out all the benefits of your future nacho bowls now.

One, two or three - every variant is included

Nacho tray


1 sauce compartment / 1 nacho compartment
Format: approx. 210 x 132 x 45 mm

Available from around April 2023,
Available for pre-order now

Nacho tray


2 sauce compartments / 1 nacho compartment
Format: approx. 210 x 185 x 45 mm

Available from stock,
depending on availability and quantity

Nacho tray


3 sauce compartments / 1 nacho compartment
Format: approx. 210 x 220 x 45 mm

Available from around April 2023,
Available for pre-order now

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Made from renewable raw materials

From renewable raw materials produced in Germany.
FSC® certified (License number: FSC® C125098)


Safe carrying of the shell thanks to the integrated handle with our protected design.

The easy-to-grip nacho bowls can also be stacked when filled and can enable additional sales at the snack bar.

Cashback by selling advertising space

Cashback through the sale of advertising space possible on the optional advertising/lid sticker.

Developed with the expertise of cinema professionals

We have used the expertise of cinema professionals such as CINEDOM in Cologne and have successfully tested the nacho bowl even with high throughput.

Practically developed with the support and expertise of CINEDOM Kinobetriebe GmbH.

A simple solution to a plastic ban

Secure the sale of snacks by switching over at an early stage before single-use plastic is banned.

Made in Germany

As one of Europe's largest producers of food-certified molded fiber parts made from renewable raw materials, our production site in Germany offers our customers a high level of delivery availability - made in Germany.

Easy delivery

By direct delivery from PAPACKS® or cooperating cinema suppliers.

Creative alternatives

Versatile! How about a healthy version with vegetable sticks and herbal dips as a supplementary product in your range?

Easy to stack

Easily stackable when empty.

Kids menus & merchandise

Space for merchandise campaigns and children's menus.

The seal of sustainability

As a company, we have a special responsibility for the preservation of global natural resources and the careful use of resources through our actions. We use natural resources and renewable raw materials and consider the entire value chain.

Customers who trust our innovative packaging solutions

You too can invest in sustainable packaging for an environmentally friendly future!