Environmentally friendly solution for your nacho bowls, dip bowls, snack bowls

Blockbuster nacho bowl

The first innovative and sustainable nacho tray for cinema professionals
Cinedom cinema operations
Optimized for sustainable cinema operations! Developed in a practical manner with the support and expertise of CINEDOM Kinobetriebe GmbH, produced in Germany and distributed by PAPACKS® Sales GmbH.
Now change your nacho bowls, dip bowls and snack bowls

A perfect cinema experience with our sustainable nacho bowl and the optimal solution for plastic-free cinema and nacho, dip and snack enjoyment. Take on sustainable responsibility for the operation of your cinemas and ToGo restaurants and the use of safe and environmentally friendly packaging solutions!

Sustainable recycling instead of carelessly in the residual waste - 100% plastic-free, compostable in home compost, free of chemical additives (PFAS-free), inexpensive disposal in existing systems such as waste paper recycling or biowaste.

Get involved - together towards sustainability
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Waste-free sauce drawers

Cost savings thanks to sufficient full sauce compartments tailored to the amount of refill. No waste on cheese and salsa sauces and leftover expensive sauces.

Safe to carry to the cinema seat

Innovative and protected design for safe carrying comfort of filled nacho trays. Avoid falling nachos and whole bowls in your movie theater. and increase the sale of more than just one serving to your visitors through safe handling right up to the cinema seat.

Sales booster nacho tray

Optional advertising space and hygienic protection
For hygienic protection of the sauce compartments and for generating advertising income through advertising space for direct advertising with attachable, individually printable advertising stickers.

Individual advertising media for direct mail
Generate income by selling advertising space to your advertising network.

Support in cinema upsale
Design redeemable coupons for the next film or special offers for cinema-goers

Creative alternatives

Versatile use! How about a healthy variant with vegetable sticks and herb dips as a complementary product for your offer?

Kids menus & merchandise
Space for merchandise promotions The reduction of the refill amount by approx. 25% by the advertising medium creates space for merchandise and children's menus and complements eventful visits to the cinema and also saves costs and space for carrying different bowl sizes.
Easily stackable

Easily and space-savingly stackable when empty.

The seal of sustainability

The seal of sustainability

100% recyclable | 100% controlled origin of the raw materials
100% compostable | Made in Germany
Guaranteed across Europe
As a company, we have a special responsibility for the preservation of global natural resources and the careful use of resources. We use natural resources and renewable raw materials and consider the entire value chain.