Paper bottle / fiber bottle

Bottle made of natural fibers with PAPACKS® Natural Coating

Paper bottle / molded fiber bottle FOODSAFE + PAPACKS® Natural Coating for barrier protection, sealable coating

Certification according to the hygiene standards for packaging manufacturers of primary packaging and management systems according to ISO 9001

PAPACKS® cast fiber - good for the environment, perfect for your customers!

100% renewable raw materials

0% fossil raw materials, 100% plastic-free

4x lower packaging licensing

Opposite plastic bottles (source: www.

No additional plastic tax

Additional levy of € 0,80 per kilogram of unrecycled plastic waste

Customer satisfaction through sustainability

Proven more customer satisfaction through sustainable packaging

4x lower CO2 emissions

Compared to conventional plastic bottles

6 weeks of composting

full composting instead of more than 450 years for plastic

High stability against plastic

High stability compared to thermoformed plastic bottles

100% recycling in waste paper

Recycling for reuse or composting

Raw materials for our food-certified production
Paper fiber molded parts for certified primary packaging for the food and medical / pharmaceutical industries

First-class raw material in the “virgin pulp” category, suitable for packaging with high requirements such as food, medicines or hygiene products.

Virgin fiber

Food-compliant for food and pharmaceutical products

Fresh fiber from industrial hemp with a negative CO2 balance, special strength and durability. Suitable for various products with high durability requirements.

Industrial hemp

Natural fibers from hemp processing (fresh fiber)

PAPACKS® Natural Coating

Food barrier and abrasion coating made from 100% organic raw materials

Production and development of individual, certified and sustainable bottle / container primary packaging adapted to your products

We develop and produce sustainable and plastic-free food packaging that is individually tailored to your requirements.

We use it to replace existing or perceived plastic, polystyrene or bioplastics for numerous food packaging.

Our innovative packaging solutions made from renewable raw materials are optimized for a circular economy cycle, which means that they can be completely recycled and reused. We offer you the opportunity to create a complete zero-waste cycle.

Take note of the additional statutory costs for CO2 tax, plastic tax, one-way plastic bans and increased packaging taxes for plastic packaging. Get plastic-free solutions to be prepared for a ban on single-use plastic.

Avoid environmentally harmful plastic in your packaging for a plastic-free future as a pioneer in your industry and to protect our environment.

Europe's most innovative production of molded fiber parts for certified primary packaging
Molded fiber parts of certified primary packaging for the food and medical / pharmaceutical industries

Paper fiber molded parts for certified primary packaging for the food and medical / pharmaceutical industries. Certification according to the hygiene standards for packaging manufacturers of primary packaging according to ISO 9001 and other relevant management systems.

Capacity pa: + 180.000.000 pieces (2021)
+ 360.000.000 pieces (2022)


Arnstadt / Thuringia

Location for technical innovations, continuous further development of our 3D tool technology and raw material research for transfer to existing and new production locations.

Capacity pa: + 5.000.000 pieces.

PAPACKS® R&D Innovation Hub

Cologne / North Rhine-Westphalia

Production method: thermoforming

Capacity pa: + 50.000.000 pieces.



Product examples for bottle packaging

PAPACKS® Fiber Bottle

100% plastic-free, direct food contact, barrier, sealable

Construction individually for your products possible.
PAPACKS® FOODSAFE molded fiber parts for direct food contact.

Certified food packaging with Barrier property through the developed by us PAPACKS® Organic Coating (100% plastic free). Recycling and return via the Waste paper or Organic waste cycle, 100% home compost, fully compostable within 6 weeks. Sealable by heat sealing with PAPACKS® sealing paper with the same natural coating.

Advantages of environmentally friendly bottle packaging

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Innovation paper bottle / fiber bottle made of natural fibers with PAPACKS® Natural Coating, FOODSAFE + PAPACKS® Natural Coating for barrier protection and sealable coating. The future of the bottle took the first step over 100 years ago. After years of research and development, we now have all modules including closure technology ready for the bottle of the future!

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The seal of sustainability

The seal of sustainability

100% recyclable | 100% controlled origin of the raw materials
100% compostable | Made in Germany
Guaranteed across Europe
As a company, we have a special responsibility for the preservation of global natural resources and the careful use of resources. We use natural resources and renewable raw materials and consider the entire value chain.

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