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School of Sustainability

Spreading sustainability around the world

After about 15 years, the Founder & CEO is pressing Tahsin Dag the school desk again.

But this time not as a student, but as a teacher.

The PAPACKS School of Sustainability shares Tahsin Dag his knowledge and experience on the subject of sustainability, environmentally friendly packaging innovations and circular economy.

In cooperation with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), a total of 16 "pupils" took part in the School of Sustainability & Green Innovations for the first time. Among them entrepreneurs and politicians from Jordan, who traveled more than 4.000 kilometers to take part in the sustainability workshop.

Topics on today's schedule:

  • Introduction and presentation of PAPACKS® GREEN HOLDING GROUP
  • global challenge in the packaging market and solutions including technological innovations
  • Introduction and presentation of the material fiber cast as an answer to a global plastic substitution
  • Introductions to circular economy and zero waste concepts
  • Closing of packaging cycles through renewable raw materials and fiber depots
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Check out the highlights of our PAPACKS® School of Sustainability.
After the extensive theoretical introduction, the entire class continued with the PAPACKS® R&D Innovation Hub, where the participants could get started with the development and research of new packaging innovations in a practical and interactive way. Full of euphoria Tahsin Dag the class in the research of innovative, renewable raw materials and the PAPACKS® ORGANIC COATINGS and finally ended up with the construction of production and machines to implement the solutions in large quantities.

The summary:
It was for everyone involved PAPACKS School of Sustainability & Green Innovations a complete success. The participants were enthusiastic about the solutions presented and asked numerous questions that reflect their interest in the topic of sustainability and green innovations.

“Today was a super successful day, which also gave me new global insights. I hope that all participants will take away some ideas, solutions and thoughts for the future and I look forward to future collaborations with my colleagues from Jordan.”

For Tahsin Dag it is clear that today's lessons were not his last.

About the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)

The German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) is a development cooperation organization that works internationally on behalf of various ministries in the Federal Republic of Germany. Together with its partners in national governments around the world and with cooperation partners from business, science and civil society, GIZ works flexibly on effective solutions that offer people prospects and permanently improve their living conditions.



PAPACKS® is Europe's most innovative producer of plastic-free and sustainable packaging solutions made from rapidly renewable raw materials to avoid single-use plastic.

We use sustainable raw materials for fiber forms, which can be combined with organic coatings developed by us and our coating technology to obtain required barriers. These sustainable packaging solutions can be used in modern recycling concepts.

PAPACKS® offers a unique product and solution portfolio that enables its customers to make the transition to sustainable packaging. This allows companies to take responsibility for their packaging.

We have already saved more than 3.500.000 kg of disposable plastic and replaced it with natural raw materials. We develop and produce sustainable packaging for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and medical industries, as well as for product manufacturers in the non-food technical industry.

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