PAPACKS achieves outstanding success at the prestigious

SHOP! DACH Awards 2024

It is with great pleasure and pride that we announce that PAPACKS, a pioneer and leading innovator in the sustainable packaging industry, has won gold in three categories at the prestigious 14th Shop! D-A-CH Awards in three categories. These awards recognize our relentless efforts to set the standard for excellence and innovation in retail marketing.

Tahsin Dag, CEO and founder of PAPACKS, commented on the success:

“These awards confirm our relentless pursuit of innovation and sustainability in the packaging industry. They reflect our commitment to developing products that not only meet customer needs but also have a positive impact on the environment. I am incredibly proud of our team and grateful for the recognition.”

Our revolutionary cast fiber coffee capsule was awarded gold in the “Innovation” category. This product was developed in close cooperation with our valued customer Euro Caps Holding B.V.

The capsule is an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastic or aluminum capsules and a shining example of our efforts to create products that are both sustainable and functional. With a specially developed, plastic-free, plant-based coating that makes the capsule aroma-proof while protecting the environment, the capsules are fully compostable and have a reduced CO2 footprint thanks to the use of renewable raw materials.

In the category “Food, daily consumer goods and confectionery – product packaging”, our pioneering Icebox for seafood shipping also won gold.

Made entirely from renewable fiber raw materials, this box sets new standards in terms of sustainability and environmental compatibility. It demonstrates an exemplary eco-balance, which is achieved through the use of FSC-certified raw materials and the significantly lower CO2 impact compared to conventional materials such as EPS. In addition, the design of the box enables versatile use and individual branding options for companies.

In addition to these two outstanding products, which underline PAPACKS’ performance and commitment to sustainability and innovation, we are overwhelmed by the positive response from the public.

We are honored to have won another gold medal with the Audience Award. This award is a special recognition of our efforts and confirms that our vision of a sustainable packaging industry is shared by people.

These awards are not only a recognition of our achievements to date, but also a motivation to continue developing innovative and sustainable solutions that will shape the future of shopping and packaging. As a proud member of the global network of Shop!, the leading center for “Marketing at Retail”, we look forward to making our contribution to a more sustainable and responsible packaging industry.

We at PAPACKS would like to thank our dedicated team, whose passion and creativity have made these remarkable achievements possible. Together, we look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible and actively shape the future of purchasing and packaging. We look to the future with confidence, driven by our mission to promote a sustainable and innovative packaging industry.

Über Shop! D-A-CH

Since its foundation in 1936, Shop! D-A-CH e.V., originally known as POPAI, has been promoting exchange within the retail industry. As part of the global Shop! network with over 2000 members, we are committed to the promotion of retail, the consumer goods industry and solution providers. Our mission is to drive and shape the industry by publishing best practices and organizing thematic working groups.

PAPACKS Verpackungen

PAPACKS is a leading manufacturer of molded fiber packaging solutions and sets standards in Europe for sustainable fiber-based packaging. The company specializes in environmentally friendly alternatives to conventional plastic packaging, covering standard applications for non-food packaging and, in particular with the development of PAPACKS Plant-Based-Coating, also the requirements for barrier-specific food packaging. With the ability to supply more than 600 million units per year, PAPACKS is a market leader in terms of production volume and innovation. PAPACKS commitment to innovation is internationally recognized, with an impressive portfolio of more than 75 patents, 30 awards and more than ten years of continuous research and development in this field. With a view to climate protection and the conservation of natural resources, PAPACKS relies on renewable raw materials and production processes, in particular virgin fibers and industrial hemp. In this way, the company is making a significant contribution to reducing its carbon footprint and offering tangible benefits to its customers and the environment.

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