Tahsin Dag
CEO of the Year

in Packaging Industry named by European CEO

LONDON, June 7, 2024 – European CEO, a leading publication for the C-suite executives across Europe, has announced Tahsin Dag, Founder and CEO of PAPACKS Sales GmbH, as the CEO of the Year 2024 in the packaging industry. This prestigious recognition highlights Dag’s innovative contributions and leadership in sustainable packaging solutions.

The selection process, managed by a distinguished jury of former European CEO and World Finance editors and independent company directors, emphasizes the importance of media knowledge and commercial expertise. Dag’s nomination emerged from a rigorous procedure where C-suite subscribers from 28 European countries nominated their peers based on merit and impact.

Interview with Tahsin Dag: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

In a recent interview with European CEO, Tahsin Dag shared insights into PAPACKS’ groundbreaking work in transforming traditional packaging designs into eco-friendly solutions. Here are some key excerpts from the interview:

European CEO: What drives PAPACKS’ innovation in the packaging industry?
Tahsin Dag: “Our vision is to develop environmentally friendly, lighter, and more efficient packaging driven by technological advancements. Smart packaging and the Internet of Things (IoT) offer tremendous potential, but our priority is sustainable materials that fit seamlessly into existing waste cycles and are easily compostable.”

European CEO: Can you elaborate on PAPACKS’ production capabilities and innovations?
Tahsin Dag: “We lead Europe in sustainable, fiber-based packaging, producing over 600 million units annually. Our innovative approach has resulted in over 75 patent families and 30 awards. We focus on climate protection, using renewable raw materials like virgin fibers and industrial hemp, significantly reducing the CO₂ footprint.”

European CEO: How does PAPACKS address the industry’s raw material shortages and rising costs?
Tahsin Dag: “We mitigate these issues by cultivating industrial hemp through the European Material Bank (EMBA), securing over 2,000 hectares in Ukraine. This strategic initiative ensures a stable supply of high-quality virgin fiber, shielding us from market volatility and cost hikes.”

PAPACKS’ Commitment to Circular Economy and Sustainability

PAPACKS emphasizes the importance of circular design principles, considering all life stages of packaging from development to disposal. By using biodegradable and compostable materials like molded pulp from cellulose or hemp fibers, PAPACKS provides cost-effective and sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging.

Dag’s leadership extends beyond PAPACKS. As the president of the European Moulded Pulp Producer Association (EMPPA), he champions industry innovation and legislative support, advocating for sustainable practices and materials.

Future Outlook

Tahsin Dag’s recognition as CEO of the Year underscores the critical role of innovation in addressing global packaging challenges. PAPACKS’ dedication to sustainable solutions not only benefits the environment but also sets a new standard for the industry.

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PAPACKS is a leading manufacturer of molded cellulose packaging solutions specializing in environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastic packaging. PAPACKS is committed to sustainability and innovation, developing advanced solutions that utilize biodegradable materials from renewable sources and a plant-based coating, with a focus on environmental responsibility.

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