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Plastic replaced by paper fiber and natural raw materials

Mission & Purpose

A packaging world without plastic - taking responsibility for packaging through the connection to nature.

For us, this means making supply and delivery effective and sustainable, because today it is more important than ever to be able to rely on reliably deliverable, innovative and safe products and packaging that are sustainably produced in Germany and Europe.

With its current know-how, PAPACKS is - developer, manufacturer and

Driving force for innovative raw materials, coatings and the production of climate-neutral, sustainable packaging and product solutions that are fully used and reused in the circular economy or processed into secondary raw materials in the existing paper recycling system.

Authenticity, fairness and honesty for nature, our partners and our customers always come first for us.

Core competencies

  • Know-how in machine and tool construction including 3D printing tool concepts
  • Customer-oriented product and service portfolio from development and production to delivery / logistics
  • 3D toolmaking and classic toolmaking for large-scale production
  • International patents
    Over 35 international property rights from the patent family for products, technologies and manufacturing processes offer exclusive advantages such as For example: Barrier coatings for molded parts, tray concepts, raw material processes, 3D packaging and transport trays.
  • Industry standards / certifications
  • DIN9001
  • FSC® certified
  • Climate-neutral products and production through compensation projects
  • Development research
  • Raw material research & development
  • Technical cast fiber products
  • Machine development & optimization
  • 3D printing tools
  • 3D tooling concept for molded paper fiber parts
  • Fast manufacturing times
  • Modular tool making in a loop circuit
  • No one-off tool costs

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Capacity of molded paper fiber parts pa from 2022
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0 Branches

Production in Germany and Europe, plus the PAPACKS® R&D Innovation Hub and the PAPACKS® Manufaktur

Locations in Europe

Paper fiber molded parts for certified primary packaging for the food and medical / pharmaceutical industries. Certification according to the hygiene standards for packaging manufacturers of primary packaging according to ISO 9001 and other relevant management systems.

Capacity pa: + 180.000.000 pieces (2021)
+ 360.000.000 pieces (2022)


Arnstadt / Thuringia

Location for technical innovations, continuous further development of our 3D tool technology and raw material research for transfer to existing and new production locations.

Capacity pa: + 5.000.000 pieces.

PAPACKS® R&D Innovation Hub

Cologne / North Rhine-Westphalia

Production method: thermoforming

Capacity pa: + 50.000.000 pieces.



CAD construction and development
Tool making, 3D tooling


Munich Bavaria

Customer showroom, workshops, strategic planning, sales & marketing.
Central control of all productions.

PAPACKS® headquarters

Cologne / North Rhine-Westphalia

Trading and sales company for Eastern Europe


Prague / Czech Republic

International clients, investor relations, partnerships, export

Holzhausenstrasse 83
D-60322 Frankfurt on the Main

Phone: + 49 221 30163006
Fax: + 49 221 30163007
Email:  info@papacks.com

PAPACKS® International Office

Frankfurt am Main / Hessen

The seal of sustainability

100% recyclable
100% raw materials from controlled sources
100% compostable Made in Germany

Guaranteed across Europe

As a company, we have a special responsibility for the preservation of global natural resources and the careful use of resources.

We use natural resources and renewable raw materials and consider the entire value chain.

Tahsin Dag

Founder & CEO - inventor and founder of PAPACKS®

A visionary and marketing expert who is always one step ahead of the market. He lives according to the motto:

"There is always a solution! Everything that is imaginable is also feasible. "

Many years of professional experience in leading positions at well-known corporations in the beverage industry led to the invention and patenting of the PAPACKS® tray system, an environmentally friendly solution for the return and return of uniform containers. This was the beginning of numerous other forward-looking inventions and developments for alternative raw materials, natural coatings, packaging and logistics solutions and the foundation of today's PAPACKS®.

Politics plays an important role in his commitment to sustainability, and today Tahsin Dag is an advisory voice for politics throughout Europe in terms of sustainability.



Manuel Leibrock


Michael Karavaev

Managing Partner

Arno Neumann

Senior Consultant / Circular Economy

Florian Barth

CTO / master precision mechanic

Nadine Tiedemann

Dipl. Ing. / Project Management

Intha Philavong

Product & Asset Management

Bajram Prekadinaj

Marketing Assistant

Roberto Lopez

Social Media Manager

Ilire Citaku

Executive Assistant

Vedat Ülbegi

Sales Manager

Eugene Fedorov

Country Manager Czech Republic

Ibrahim Dag

Plant Manager / GIGAFACTORY 1 - Arnstadt

Terance Rottorf


Sandra Dag

Production management / R&D innovation hub

Ahmet Dag

Machine operator / R&D innovation hub

Luke Skywalker

Smart nose / enterprise security
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