Tahsin Dag

Founder & CEO - inventor and founder of PAPACKS®

A visionary and marketing expert who is always one step ahead of the market. He lives according to the motto:

"There is always a solution! Everything that is imaginable is also feasible. "

Many years of professional experience in leading positions at well-known corporations in the beverage industry led to the invention and patenting of the PAPACKS® tray system, an environmentally friendly solution for the return and return of uniform containers. This was the beginning of numerous other forward-looking inventions and developments for alternative raw materials, natural coatings, packaging and logistics solutions and the foundation of today's PAPACKS®.

Politics plays an important role in his commitment to sustainability, and today Tahsin Dag is an advisory voice for politics throughout Europe in terms of sustainability.


Contact Person
Manuel Leibrock
Michael Marchuk
Managing Partner
Arno Neumann
Sustainability Manager (Circular Economy)
Guido Schmitz
General Manager
Florian Bart
Head of R&D
Ilire Citaku
Quality Management Representative
Intha Philavong
Quality Control Expert
Ibrahim Dag
Plant Manager
Didier Stoppels
Plant Manager
Andreas Schroers
Sales Director
Memet Day
Tool expert
Deputy Plant Manager
Jan Henk Timmerman
Vedat Ulbegi
Plant & Sustainability Inspector
Eugene Fedorov
Country Manager Czech Republic
Stephen Lorenz
Head of Technical Design
Terence Rottorf
Technical Designers
Sandra Day
Coatings Expert
R&D Innovation Hub
Anthea Kemper
Project Manager
Bajram Prekadinaj
Marketing Assistant
Roberto Lopez
Social Media Manager
Ahmed Dag
Fiber Expert / Machine Operator
R&D Innovation Hub
Andreas Muller
Logistics & Warehouse Manager
Security Assistant
Luke Skywalker
Enterprise security
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