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Life - people, moments, stories

Tahsin Dag

Packaging expert for RTL

Tahsin Dag unmasks the tricks of the colorful Christmas packaging

Whether it's stars, ribbons or gold-plated special edition chocolates and the like, they are extravagantly packaged at Christmas time at the expense of consumers and the environment.

In the example shown, special and Christmas packaging for food and confectionery is up to 186% more expensive than conventional packaging (Life – People, Moments, Stories, 2022). RTL reporter Olivia Schulze Wierling wanted to get to the bottom of this price increase and made an appointment Tahsin Dag – Founder & CEO of PAPACKS.

packaging expert Tahsin Dag uncovered the tricks of many brands for Christmas products and referred to the problematic disposal and return of the packaging. Special prints and 3D effects in the design not only make the packaging more expensive for consumers, but also more harmful to the environment. At the same time, the product content is reduced due to the special shape of the packaging.

The result: Higher prices and lower product quantities for consumers and more environmental emissions that pollute our nature.

“Our packaging products are inspired by nature. Accordingly, we only use renewable cellulose raw materials and refrain from coloring our products or using other substances that make return, disposal and recycling difficult or impossible.” Tahsin Dag

The entire amount can be streamed on TVNow under the following link:

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PAPACKS® offers a unique product and solution portfolio that enables its customers to make the transition to sustainable packaging. This allows companies to take responsibility for their packaging.

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