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"Materials are recyclables"

PAPACKS® at the Thuringian Materials Day 2023

March 2023 - TU Ilmenau: Thuringian materials day focuses on circular economy & energy transition

In March 2023, the 21st Thuringian Materials Day took place at the Technical University of Ilmenau. The focus was on the motto "Materials in the circular economy and energy transition". Several lectures dealt with important topics that are important for society, science and the economy. Around 130 representatives from different fields met to exchange views on sustainable materials and the future of the circular economy.

PAPACKS® was able to inspire many participants, including researchers, professors and entrepreneurs, with a colorful presentation of new materials and products. First of all, the future raw material hemp was well received. The experts agreed that hemp will be one of the most important materials in the future and can make a major contribution to sustainability.

It is important that sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. The Thuringian Materials Day made it clear that it is necessary to support and promote both companies and consumers with sustainable changes in order to better protect our resources.

dr Katja Boehler
Thuringian Ministry for Economy, Science and Digital Society
About the Thuringian Materials Day

Thuringian Materials Day: Tradition meets innovation in materials research and application

The Thuringian Materials Day, which has been held annually since 1994, combines tradition with innovation. The event was organized by Prof. Dr. em Christian Rüssel (FSU Jena) and the material-oriented institutes of the Universities of Weimar and Ilmenau.

The Materials Day rotates between the Jena, Weimar and Ilmenau locations and brings together business and scientific stakeholders from the fields of materials research, application and testing. This promotes an efficient exchange of ideas and experiences and stimulates new joint activities. The organization of the Thuringian Materials Day is the responsibility of the Thuringian Cluster Management of the LEG Thuringia, which works closely with the following material-oriented institutes:

  • Jena: Friedrich Schiller University Jena / Otto Schott Institute for Materials Research (OSIM)
  • Weimar: Bauhaus University Weimar / Materials Research and Testing Institute (MFPA), FA Finger Institute for Building Materials Science 
  • Ilmenau: Technical University of Ilmenau / FG Inorganic-non-metallic materials, cross-faculty Institute for Materials Engineering, FG Metallic materials and composite materials


PAPACKS packaging

PAPACKS is one of Europe's most innovative producers of plastic-free and sustainable packaging solutions made from rapidly renewable raw materials to avoid single-use plastic. We use sustainable raw materials for fiber forms, which can be combined with organic coatings developed by us and our coating technology to obtain required barriers. These sustainable packaging solutions can be used in modern recycling concepts.

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